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Since the pandemic, we've learned a lot about the negative impact of chronic stress on our immune system and our entire well-being. And we all live under stress, including in our workplaces.


The cost of burnout for employers is:

- high-turnover,

- more mistakes,

- the lack of effective communication and collaboration & so on. 


The question is not whether we should invest in our wellness, but whether we could dare the consequences of not investing. 

Decision is yours

- stress management

- self compassion

- self care practices


- emotional intelligence skills not only help us with burnout, but also boost our creativity and wellness, improves communication. 


Our workshops aim to better equip people against the burnout pandemic.

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Stress Management & Burnout Prevention

We actually call this workshop 'navigating life'. Because even when we argue with our partner, stress response can turn on. Participants benefit a lot from our 60sc rule. In this workshop, we learn about our individual stress stress responses and how to manage these. 

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Stress Management & Self Compassion

In this workshop we look at the stress response specific to the application of compassion. We learn about how to develop (self) compassion. One of our activities is to establish a 'compassionate council'. Who would you invite to the table of this council?  

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Stress Management & Self Care

If I ask you to name all the things you love, how long would it take to name yourself? - till eternity is sadly one of the common answers we hear from pre-workshop surveys. In this workshop, we see selfceare beyond spa care bath bubbles, inquire into understanding ours, and create our own plans. 


"Seeing how we're not alone about our feelings felt like we're not alone. It felt good to be able to express myself with ease." 
"I learned how to care myself more and that being helpful for everyone around me.."
"What I liked most about the workshop was that it gave us the opportunity to hear each other's experiences and emotions. It gave everyone a better understanding of what they were going through. I have participated in breathing exercises and relaxation movements in many group sessions so far, but I have never felt as relaxed as in this workshop."
"The multidimensional approach to coping with stress increased my awareness and reminded me that I should care about myself. Thanks."
"The most valuable thing was to speak and share freely, knowing and trusting that the training was judgment-free. "
"It gave me a different perspective in my practice of breathing exercises. I will try a new method."

Our Approach

At allaboutprana, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve optimal wellness by guiding them towards a deeper understanding of their habits and lifestyle choices. With over 20 years of experience as certified Wellness Consultants, we are committed to creating a life balance that prioritizes your well-being and celebrates all aspects of your true self. Let us help you nurture your body and soul again.

Attentive Audience
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Our Story

Esin Caliskan (Dr. In Law)


My journey into stress management, self-care, and self-compassion workshops is deeply intertwined with my professional career and personal experiences. During my initial years of working closely with refugees, I developed a profound understanding of stress and its impact on both the individuals we serve and ourselves as humanitarian workers. This deep engagement, while rewarding, also led me to experience compassion fatigue, prompting me to take a break and pursue a PhD. This period of academic study was not just an intellectual pursuit; it was a time for personal reflection and growth.

Upon returning to the humanitarian field, this time with a fresh perspective and new insights, I began facilitating workshops and my focus gradually shifted towards the well-being of humanitarian workers themselves. Recognizing the immense stress and challenges faced in this line of work, I became a training coordinator, dedicating myself to the mental and emotional well-being of my colleagues.

My personal health journey, marked by a liver transplant at a young age, further fueled my passion for self-care and self-compassion. This challenging phase of my life led me to explore various holistic practices, including yoga, mindfulness, dance, and massage, alongside other body modalities and ways to regulate the nervous system from recent debates in neoscience such as poly-vagal theory, somatic experiencing, compassion-based therapies. These practices were not just pathways to recovery; they became integral components of my personal and professional life. 

Having conducted numerous workshops within my workplace and for external organizations, I have developed a comprehensive approach that combines practical strategies with empathetic understanding.

My sessions are not just about imparting knowledge; they are about creating a transformative experience that encourages individuals to embrace self-care and self-compassion in their daily lives.


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Mark Vanelli, MD, MHS, MBA


For the past 13 years I have been a psychiatrist for the US Department of State where my work has often involved crisis response in the wake of earthquakes, pandemics and political unrest in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. 

During this time, I have worked with leaders and leadership teams to improve employee morale and resilience in post-crisis environments where high, ongoing levels of work-related stress can be blunted, but not eliminated. 

“Who helps the helpers, people with their own unique set of stressors and emotional responses to a near bottomless pit of human needs?” Often the answer is “No one.”  Dr. Caliskan addresses this gap by offering a stress management and burnout prevention workshops for the staff of humanitarian organizations.  Our most recent workshop, for 51 MSYD employees, all earthquake survivors themselves, received high ratings. Our interest is to now offer these workshops to other humanitarian groups.

I retired from the US State Department in August of 2023 and would now like to work with the leaders of humanitarian organizations to improve the morale, stress management and engagement of their staff. I know these issues well having lived them for the past decade. 

Prior to working at the State Department, I spent a decade on the teaching faculty of Harvard Medical School where I taught a course on leadership for health care and non-profit leaders. In addition to a medical degree, I hold a public health degree from Johns Hopkins University and a business degree (MBA) from Boston University. 

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